I am pleased to announce that the Foundation has met, and exceeded, the $250,000 matching challenge for August 2018. We have had a record-breaking summer, raising over $575,000. We sincerely thank all who participated in this endeavor and urge you to contribute if you haven’t already joined us! – Perry B. “Chip” Duryea, III, President

With our permitting process well underway, construction on the Cultural Arts and Aquatic Centers will begin soon. The MPCCF is currently in the final phase of our fundraising efforts, working to realize our vision of a completed community center for Montauk.

We are now launching the final push of our capital campaign. We are $2 million short of our fundraising goal. If each of our contributors committed to a small monthly donation, we could easily close this gap.

Please contact us

if you would like to assist with the capital campaign.

With a sustainable business plan, committed board, and professional staff, the MPCCF is poised to turn Montauk’s dream into a reality. Our success now depends on dedicated supporters like you.

Partner $100,000-250,000

Maureen and Daniel Cahill
Alice Houseknecht

Sarah and Maurice Iudicone
Suse and Peter* Lowenstein
Carl Reimerdes

Carolyn and Marc Rowan
Michael Thoresen

Benefactor $50,000-99,999

Emily Nixon

Gail and David Webb

The Surf Lodge

Sustainer $10,000-49,999

Anne and Phillip Adler
Terre and Joseph Braunreutherr
Tara and Chris Coleman
Lori Corless
Susan and Raymond Cortell
Lisa and Robert DeVeglio
Wendy and Perry B. Duryea, III
Helene and Thomas Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goldblum

Peggy and Jim Harrington
Jaime and Jeff Hildreth
Mary and Peter Kalikow
Deborah and Paul Kassay
Carol Morrison
National Basketball Association
Carol and Joseph Nye
New York Community Trust
Paddlers for Humanity
Palmer Vineyards

Donna and David Providenti
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Roos
Patricia and Ted Shaine
Rosanna and Dennis Sisco
Nancy Mack and Chad Smith
Maureen and Kevin Sullivan
The Dilmaghani Foundation
Maria and Mark Varrichio

Friend $5,000-9,999

Kathy and George Biondo
Cheryl and Joseph Bloecker
Margaret and Michael Brewster
Joan and Eugene Crowley
Fran Ecker*
Wendy and Charles Entenmann
Sue and Dan Farnham
Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich
Glenn Glasser
Sally and Ronald Glogg

Joan and Ronald* Hildreth
Elaine and Arie Hochberg
Marion Kleinkramer
Karen Legotte Langdon
Joan Lycke
Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank, LLP
Montauk Chamber of Commerce
Montauk Yacht Club
Phyllis and Joseph Morgano

Agnes Nixon*
Patricia and Hugh O’Kane
Mark O’Leary
John Peraza
Maureen and Tom Sennefelder
Helen Stubbmann
Alena and Henry Uihlein
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Vasti
Terry and George Watson
Anne and Christopher White

Supporter $1,000-4,999

Nancy and Colman Abbe
Lisbeth and Stephen Angeli
Jean-Claude Baker
Jennie and Donald Balcuns
Dianne Balnis
James Barnds
Beverly and Daniel Bartfeld
William Becker
Kathleen Beckmann
Romayne and Floyd Berk
Anna and Alex Berley
Body Tech Health and Fitness
Kelly and James Bogetti
Rosanne and Ed Braun
Bryson Brodie
Rosemarie and Thomas Buhler
Nancy and Gary Burns
Rori and Ed Butterfield
Marlene Coco
Laraine Creegan
Doris Cullen
Carrie and Scott Cullen
Laura and Gerard Cutillo
Marge and Richard Daunt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sherrill Dayton
Donna and Thomas Delitto
Cindy and Thomas Dess
Anne Drager
Mr. and Mrs. Millard Drexler
East Hampton Town Police Benevolent Association
Eleanor Ehrhardt
Amy and Charles Entelis
Marilyn Fabbri
Sharon and Michael Falcone
Patricia and George Filopoulos
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Fishman
Richard Forstmann

Peg and Jay Fruin
Norma Giorgetti
Tracy and Donald Goldberg
Marc and Michelle Goldfarb
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goodman
Gosman’s Fish Market
Suzanne Koch Gosman
Jean and Jim Goulding
Marilyn and Michael Grande
Gurney’s Montauk
Mary Kay and John Hagerty
Diane Hausman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hayduk
Kathleen and William Head
Susan and Edward Henkin
Jane and Michael Hoffman
Jessica James
Maryellen Keane
James Ketcham
Diane Lazuta
Ann LeClaire
Arlene and Steven Levin
Amy and Steve Lipin
Mary and Robert Lynn
Rosalie and Ralph Macchio
Calogera Mahoney
Lucille Malouche
Julie and Dave Marcley
Mary and John McLaughlin
Julia and Eugene McMahon
Dr. Charles Melone Jr.
Stephen Meringoff
Renee and Joseph Mirman
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Moen
Simone and Richard Monahan
Montauk Beach Property Owners Association
Montauk Teachers Association

Douglas Moore
Richard Newman
Andrea and Tom O’Brien
Jeff Ogden
Loretta Peda
Anita and Joe Peel
Pinkerton Foundation
David Pitches
Gloria Prager
Dan Rattiner
Robert Revera
Maureen and David Rutkowski
Rose and John Rutkowski
Gerry and Mitchell Sacks
Wendy and Jeff Samuelson
Carolann and Oscar Sandoval
Sheila and Bernard Small
AnnMarie Sorena
Barbara Squire
Priscilla Star
Edna Steck
David Steck
Joanna Steichen
Celeste and Alan Steil
Laura Stein
Suffolk County National Bank
Paul Tavernier
Diane Tepper
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thieke
Sarah and Petr Thorson
Beth Tikkanen
Charles Weimar
Margie and Patrick Wetzel
Dick White
Kelly and Rick White
Patricia and William Wilkinson
Renata and John Winston
Andrew Zarnett



“I am excited for what the Playhouse means for the people of the East End, especially young people. Thousands of kids will have the chance to discover new things about the arts, sciences, and most importantly, themselves.”

Peter Hedges

Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter and Novelist