The permitting process is well underway, and construction will begin soon. Help us realize our vision!


With half of the Montauk Playhouse Community Center operational since 2006, the Foundation’s goal is to complete the unfinished half of the historic building with facilities and programs that will best serve Montauk’s needs and desires.


We surveyed the Montauk community about the Playhouse, and the results were decisive: over 90% of respondents – both full-time and seasonal residents – stated their desire for an indoor pool and space for cultural programming in a self-supporting, year-round facility.

Aquatic Center

With a clear path to reach our fundraising goal, the Foundation is proceeding with the permitting process. Construction on the Aquatic Center will begin soon.

Once completed, the Aquatic Center’s 25-yard fitness pool will be an incredible asset for fitness swimmers. The fitness pool will host a  variety of instructional programming, and families will have the opportunity to engage in simultaneous, multi-level instruction. Future programming will include lifeguard and Red Cross certification, synchronized swim, recreational exercise, and social events.

The 30’x 30’ leisure pool will provide rehabilitation, therapeutic and instructional swim. The warmer pool temperature will be ideal for seniors and toddlers.

Swimmers of all ages will finally have access to much-needed aquatic programming.

Cultural Arts Center

The second floor will be a multi-use event space, suitable for theater performances, small and large gatherings, lectures, and conferences.

The light-filled second floor gallery will be ideal for pre-function socializing, off-hour meetings, and art exhibitions.

The theater space will be created through telescopic seating, movable walls, and raised platforms. The flexible infrastructure will accommodate live theater, musical performances, and film screenings.

Once partitioned, the space can accommodate two simultaneous events. The divided conference space will support 100 seated attendees in the small conference space and 250 in large gathering space.

Local hotel and restaurant owners will finally have the opportunity to host off-site events or conferences for their guests. And residents will be able to hold their own special events. When configured as a large event space, the hall comfortably seats 150 with a dance floor.

The Montauk community will be able to enjoy fine art, theater, music, and STEM enrichment.